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RocketPress is the fastest WordPress Theme Developed by GODxTHEMES. This theme is suitable for Micro Niche Blogs means 1 Page EMD Domain-based Websites. So if you also looking for a Theme for your Micro Niche One Page Website then RocketPress is the best solution here.

Version: 1.0.0 | Size: 1.5MB


PageSpeed RP

Fastest Loading speed

This is the Fastest Loading theme in the industry, Which make it one of the Unique theme from others.

But why and How this theme is Fastest?

As a Micro Niche specific, We know only a few things of WordPress Core Files will be used like Pages and post sections. So We have removed all the unnecessary Files from the theme and also blocked some of WordPress’s JavaScript, jQuery, and CSS Files.

This way the theme Achieved 100 out of 100 scores in the Google PageSpeed Insights Tool.

Download Timer

Download Page + Timer + Ads

Maximum Micro Niche sites based on Downloading Content like MOD Apk, Games, PDF, ZIP Files, etc. With this in mind, we have provided Dedicated Download Page in the post Section. The download Page is advanced and optimized to increase Page Views and Revenue. You can check the demo by Clicking the Above Download Button. We added 2 Ads code options for the Download page.

Hide Title of Pages

If you set a Page as a Homepage from WordPress>Settings>Reading, then you must need to hide the Page Title right? RocketPress has an inbuild option to Hide Page title, Now you don’t need any third-party Plugins.

Hide for Desktop

This is the Most Unique Feature of the RocketPress Theme. You will never Find a Theme with this feature in the World. If you have a Website based on Copyrighted Things like Streaming Apps, Games, and all. Then you might face issues regarding DMCA Removal Notice, Am I right?

Well, our SEO Team dig into Deep and got a Great Solution to handle this issue. All Companies used desktops or Laptop To give DMCA reports on your site. If you enable the “Hide for Desktop” feature then the page is completely Hide on Desktop Browser, but still visible in the Mobile Devices. So, Companies will never be able to give you DMCA Strike on your site as they found nothing in your site on Desktop.

Now What about SEO & Google Rankings?

You don’t have to worry about this. Google uses two kinds of Crawlers, ‘Google Desktop’ and ”Google Smartphone Crawlers. if your site is based on Mobile phone users then your site will only Rank on Smartphone Search results, not in Desktop mode.

Stylish Blog Page

Some of the micro-niches need more than One Page of Content so we have added a Blog section. RockePress can be used as a normal Blog theme that is Stylish, Responsive, and Fast. the Unique Blog Archive Layout will Impress your users to look into it. We make the Design Clean and user-friendly, with No Extra Coding.

Stylish Single Post

Google and Users Never like a Site containing Lots of Colors and Elements. So that we created a Simple and SEO Friendly Blog Post Layout. RocketPress has enough flexibility to customize your Blog post according to your requirements.

  1. Header
  2. Breadcrumbs
  3. Thumbnail
  4. Post Meta
  5. Main Content
  6. Tags and Category
  7. Share Button
  8. Related Post
  9. Comment Section
  10. Footer

All above Elements can be Hidden or Disabled from the Settings.

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